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Thrilling Adventure Hour Moves to BOOM! for New Comics, Collections

It’s time to don your astro-spurs and refill your martini glass, because The Thrilling Adventure Hour will return to comics with collections and new stories from creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, this time at BOOM! Studios. CBR has the first details. The hilarious and talented writing duo of Acker & Blacker (Star Wars: Join the Resistance, Deadpool) first brought their Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast to comic books with a graphic novel published by Archaia in 2013, before launching miniserie

Marvel Generations: Hulk #1 Is Definitely Not "The Strongest"

Marvel Comics, in the wake of sales losses and a lukewarm reception (at best) to the recent Secret Empire event, has been pushing Marvel Generations every chance they get. On the surface, it seems like a last-ditch effort to appease the white male readership clamoring for their “classic” characters of yesteryear. After reading this first issue of Generations: Hulk, though, I can say it’s…exactly that. There is nothing “Totally Awesome” or even ‘Incredible” about this idea or this comic.

Defending Depravity: Image Comics and The Divided States of Hysteria

June 7th marked the release of Howard Chaykin’s latest Image series, The Divided States of Hysteria. Our regular new comic book day was tainted with this stand-out example of racism, transphobia, and faux-political, crass storytelling. Since the books release, comic fans, professional, and creators have stepped up to convey their disgust and alarm that this book was published by Image Comics.

Review - Winnebago Graveyard #1 Is A Carnival Of Horrors

Curling up in a pile of blankets, regretting the horror movie you just watched, jumping at every noise in the darkness. Heading to bed, cringing at the dark hallway, dreading your nightmares. Welcome to your first reading of Winnebago Graveyard #1. There are few comics that deliver the level of horror we are accustomed to in film. The media is more difficult to maneuver, and cheap jump scares can’t be relied upon when panels stay still. Turning pages don’t hold much momentum.