Thrilling Adventure Hour Moves to BOOM! for New Comics, Collections

It’s time to don your astro-spurs and refill your martini glass, because The Thrilling Adventure Hour will return to comics with collections and new stories from creators Ben Acker and Ben Blacker, this time at BOOM! Studios. CBR has the first details. The hilarious and talented writing duo of Acker & Blacker (Star Wars: Join the Resistance, Deadpool) first brought their Thrilling Adventure Hour podcast to comic books with a graphic novel published by Archaia in 2013, before launching miniserie

The Amazon And The Barbarian— Wonder Woman/Conan Crossover Hits Shelves In September!

The Amazon and The Barbarian, the Themiscyrian and the Cimmerian— perhaps not the most traditional tale, but one that is bound to be badass. This amazing crossover is coming from DC Comics and Dark Horse, who are teaming up to release a min-series this Fall featuring two of the most beloved warriors in comics history: Wonder Woman and Conan The Barbarian. Wonder Woman/Conan is bound to be a hit, coming from a team as wondrous as the comic book heroes, Writer Gail Simone and artist Aaron Lopresti

You Might Not Recognize Me with My Red Arm…Until You Read This Comic!

We all have questions after seeing Star Wars: The Force Awakens. Who is Rey? Where did Finn come from? What crazy tantrum is Kylo going to have next? We all have our theories and assumptions, but what we can’t figure out is possibly the most important, most world-changing mystery of all… why does C-3PO show up, after all this time, and is just completely unrecognizable with that red arm? What happened?!

Color Your Way into the Marvel Universe: New Books Announced

Marvel continues publishing the latest relaxation trend: adult coloring books. With many franchises putting out coloring books for our favorite books and movies, it’s high time that Marvel releases more of these. Following the widespread success of the recent Deadpool coloring book as well as DC’s Adult Coloring Book variant comic covers, the upcoming Marvel coloring books are bound to be a hit.