X-Men: 8 Actors Who Looked Just Like Their Roles (And 7 That Really Don't)

Some people were born to be heroes, and some people were born to play them on the big screen. Some people should have been kept far away from the casting couch. X-Men teams and members come and go, but some X-Men have stood the test of time. Many members of the core group have, in the last two decades, made their debut in X-Men movies and suffered some questionable casting. Why would directors choose to cast people who looked nothing like their characters? The world will never know.

The Winter Soldier: 15 Dark Facts Disney Doesn't Want Anyone To Know

When Bucky Barnes was introduced, he was one of the most beloved young sidekicks in comics. Batman had Robin, and Captain America had Bucky Barnes. Many fans might recognize Bucky as the Winter Soldier, the Russian super-weapon created using Captain America’s friend, James Buchanan Barnes. Throughout Marvel Comics history, Bucky has been an important and popular character, even as a deadly assassin.

The Best Nerdy Holiday Sweaters of the Season —

The holidays are here and so are the wind and snow! Holiday sweaters are a wintertime staple, from the weird vest your kindergarten teacher wore all of December to the trendy hipster “ugly sweaters” or a plain cozy cardigan. What you might not know is that there are plenty of holiday sweaters that are just as nerdy as they are festive. Whether you’re playing video games to stay warm or chilling out with the newest Netflix marathon, there is a cozy holiday sweater for every kind of nerd.

15 Mind-Blowing Facts About Aquaman That You Never Knew

Aquaman is one of the most underrated heroes of all time. Now that Jason Momoa has been cast to play Aquaman, he’s finally getting the respect and attention he deserves, but that does not make up for the decades of DC fans that overlooked and underappreciated the Atlantean hero. Even now, many fans do not realize Aquaman’s deep, complicated history and his phenomenal power. There are still people who think he is a man in an orange jumpsuit who likes to talk to fish. That is far from true. Aquam

Forever Awful: The 15 Absolute Worst DC Villains Of The '00s

DC is famous for its terrifying villains. Batman, Superman, and Wonder Woman are iconic characters, but heroes are nothing without an archenemy. Villains like The Joker, Catwoman, Lex Luthor and Captain Cold are just as integral to great comic books as the heroes. Unfortunately for DC, some of their villains are hard misses, and don’t measure up. The ’90s get a bad rap in the world of comics, but true fans can’t forget some of the strange and terrible choices in the 2000s.

15 X-Men Villains That Should Have Stayed In The '90s

The ’90s was a magical time for comics. Comics were changing, and everything was bigger, better, and more foil-wrapped, holographic, and glow-in-the-dark than ever before. There is no ’90s comic phenomenon more iconic than the X-Men. They truly are their own genre of comics, and Marvel knew that, and never failed to capitalize on it. The X-Men were mutants, which meant that any rules and expectations for comics were thrown out the window. In the X-Men, anything goes.

They're The Worst: 15 Superheroes Who Sabotaged Their Own Relationships

Superheroes are special. They have powers and super strength, flight, or inhuman speed are a great box to tick on dating profiles. For most people, dating a superhero seems like a dream. Superman could fly you to a romantic date, or you could spend hours discussing the universe and all its wonders with Starfire. There are endless possibilities, but what comes into question is the down side to superhero romance. What happens when things go super wrong? There are so many iconic couples in comics.

Defending Depravity: Image Comics and The Divided States of Hysteria

June 7th marked the release of Howard Chaykin’s latest Image series, The Divided States of Hysteria. Our regular new comic book day was tainted with this stand-out example of racism, transphobia, and faux-political, crass storytelling. Since the books release, comic fans, professional, and creators have stepped up to convey their disgust and alarm that this book was published by Image Comics.

15 Strange And Confusing DC Villains Only A Diehard Fan Could Love

DC has a reputation among fans right now as being dark, gritty, and serious. Most of this comes from recent additions to the DC Cinematic Universe, like The Dark Knight Trilogy and Batman V Superman. Though new movies like Suicide Squad and Wonder Woman are bringing some much-needed lightness, brevity, and hope to the DC Universe, the doom and gloom reputation remains strong. If DC movies had some of the weird DC villains they introduced in the comics, the movies would be complete comedies.

10 Underrated Marvel Comics You Might Have Missed

Walking into any comic book store, the newest Avengers title or Captain America run will be easy to find. Likely, they will be located under some giant Cap Shield neon sign, surrounded by New Comic Book Day nerds ready for the next All New All Inhuman Secret Avenging Wars event series. However, in all the hubbub of new Avengers movies and the new pictures of Thor’s shorn locks, you might have missed some awesome Marvel Comics that didn’t get the attention they deserve.

Androids, Clones, and Time-Traveling Babies: The Weird Origins of Comic Book Kids

With Logan releasing in theaters and introducing X-23 to the cinematic world, the next generation of on-screen superheroes is upon us. We are all familiar with where babies come from (if you’re not, please call your parents). Unfortunately, we are only familiar with where human babies come from. Comic book babies and are a completely different story. Superhero kids have stories of their own, and some of them are definitely not normal.